Send SMS with Keap

Updated 3 months ago

Now you can integrate ClickSend SMS into Keap and send text messages worldwide. This article will guide you through the steps on how to:


  1. You need ClickSend API credentials to connect to Keap. Create a ClickSend account here.
  2. If you do not have yet a Keap account, you may create here.
This integration is available on Keap's Pro and Max subscriptions only.

Use our API Version 2 on Keap's Automation

  1. Go to Keap > Automation > Advance > and Create a new automation
  2. Goals are triggers. Drag any trigger to the workspace. On this article we'll use Tag.
    What we'll do here is whenever we apply 'New Customer' tag on a contact, an SMS will be sent to them.
  3. Drag Sequence next to Tag trigger and connect them.
  4. Configure the Sequence. From the Process tools, drag 'Send HTTP Post' to the workspace
  5. Configure the HTTP Post.
    POST URL - paste our Send SMS endpoint (
    Value Pairs:
    method - use keap
    to - use ~Contact.Phone1~ to dynamically fetch the contact's phone number
    username - the username in ClickSend
    key -  is the API key found in the ClickSend dashboard:
    message - compose a message you'll send to the contact. You can use merge fields to customise your message.
  6. When you're done. Activate the POST and the Sequence by toggling the draft to Ready.
  7. A complete setup will make the tools green. Publish to activate the automation.

Add contacts

When adding contacts on Keap, kindly assure that the phone number's format is in international. This will let you send messages globally. Check here to see international codes for each country we support.


You can use any trigger depending on your needs. On this help article we used Tag trigger. To trigger the automation we setup above, you'd go to Contacts > People > Tag > Add New Customer.

That's it, you can now send automated SMS Globally from Keap.


Not able to send SMS successfully? Kindly check the following:

  1. Check your connection. It should be using your ClickSend's username and API key not password.
  2. No balance on the account. To check and top up, visit our Billing page here.


  1. Can I send messages from Alpha Tags Sender ID?
    -Yes except on the countries we do not support. Find here which countries we support sending Alpha Tags with.
    -We can only support 11 character Alpha Tag without space.
  2. How to add Alpha Tag as the sender of my messages?
    -Edit HTTP Post URL and add alphatag on value pairs.
  3. Do you support replies?
    -Yes we do for our shared and dedicated numbers except for Alpha Tag name and own phone number.
    -Get initial inbound messages with dedicated numbers. You may purchase from here.
  4. Where can I monitor replies?
    - On ClickSend platform. You'd go to SMS > and then History.

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