Indonesia +62

Updated 5 months ago

  • Dedicated numbers can be used for inbound messages, however, to ensure delivery all outbound messages will be sent from a registered alpha tag or the generic alpha tag IDSMS.
  • Messages with unicode characters are not supported in Indonesia and will return a failed status. 
  • Alpha tags require pre-registration, we can set this up for a once-off $150 fee. This can take up to 30 days to complete, get in touch with our support staff with the following information:
  1. Alpha tag (11 characters max)
  2. Business name. 
  3. Business email. 
  4. Example message. 
  5. Requires an IDR 10k Stamp for local companies.
  6. Monthly volume of messages. 
A minimum volume of 500 messages per month must be sent or the alpha tag will be deactivated by the networks.

Regulations and Best Practices

Forbidden content types

  • Adult
  • Political
  • Gambling
  • Religion
  • Tobacco

Message Content

  • Brand name MUST be included in message content and MUST match the Alpha tag.

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