Send Email-to-SMS

Updated 6 months ago

Using the Email to SMS product allows you to send SMS messages directly from your email.

Simply send an email following below format:


(Where XXXXXXXXXX is the mobile number e.g.

Email Subject: auth~{Username}~{API-Key}~{Subject}~{From}

Note: the separator is a ~(tilde) not a dash

For example: auth~testaccount~ALDK-3DFDF-DFDSFSDF~Test Subject~MyCompany


  • 'Username' and 'API-Key' can be found here: Open Subaccounts
  • 'Subject' is the email subject (optional)
  • 'From' is the Sender ID Sender ID of your text messaage. More info

Enter the message in the body of the email.

You can send multiple messages, just enter multiple To addresses in your email.

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