Send SMS with ActiveCampaign

Updated 1 month ago

With ClickSend SMS app, you can now send automated SMS from ActiveCampaign when a trigger takes place.

This article will guide you through steps on how to connect your account and send SMS.

  1. On your ActiveCampaign dashboard, create an Automation
  2. Once you enter the flow builder, you will be required to select a trigger. Add a trigger and click 'Continue' to proceed.
  3. To add Send SMS action, look for CX Apps and select 'Send SMS using ClickSend'
  4. You will be then required to enter your ClickSend account credentials.
    - 'username' is the username you use in ClickSend
    - 'api_key' is the API key found in the ClickSend dashboard:
  5. After connecting, compose your SMS.
    During composing of SMS, you can choose which dedicated number to use as a From. You can leave it blank to automatically use the free shared numbers.
    You can also add strings on your message like %firstName% and %lastName% to personalise them. These strings are being populated with the contact information within ActiveCampaign.
  6. When you are done, click Finish and it will save your automation automatically.
    Be sure you have toggled your automation in 'Active' on the top right corner of the platform so it would run every time the trigger takes place.

So that's it, you can now send automated SMS from ActiveCampaign when triggers take place.

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