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1-Way Sending

All messages will be overwritten with 'ClickSend' when sending to Turkey

  • Alpha tags require pre-registration.
  • Numeric long codes are not supported.

Alpha tag registration is required. We need the following information:

  • Alpha Tag (11 characters with no spaces)
  • Website
  • Sample message
  • Business details
  • Traffic Type (transactional/marketing)
  • A copy of the Trade License

Regulations and Best Practices

  • All SMS messages to Turkey must be tagged with the approved sending aggregator code
  • This B-code belongs to the party responsible for the content that is delivered
  • This will mean the total message length is reduced as Sinch will add our approved code
  • The exact content that will be appended when sending via Sinch is " B204" with a space for separation from other content
  • In full length messages this will overwrite the last characters as we will not split messages into multiple parts
  • Concatenated messages will be tagged in the last part only
  • You can not append a message on your own with Sinch's code
  • If you have your own approved Turkish aggregator code we can adapt the setup so content is not appended with Sinch's code
  • Binary messages are not supported

Banned Content

- Gambling

- Betting

- Adult content

- Political

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