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ALL message content must be approved and whitelisted before sending.

Any content that is not approved will be blocked.

OTP & Transactional messages only. NO MARKETING.

Please provide us with the following information:

  1. What alpha tag do you want registered? (11 characters maximum with no spaces).
  2. What are your business details?
  3. Message content ( Please ensure any content you will be sending is provided to be whitelisted)
  4. Traffic type
  5. Your website URL

Regulations and Best Practices

Alpha Tags

  • Generic sender addresses are not permitted
  • Numeric sender addresses are not permitted
  • Only alpha tag addresses using the brand's name should be used; E.G. "Company X" for Company X's traffic
  • Currently, only OTT brands and banks are permitted to send A2P SMS traffic into Syria
  • OTP and transactional SMS messaging content only

Content-based filtering:

  • The content of the traffic should reflect the brand that is sending:

For example, "Your Company password is 1234" must be sent with the sender address' brand name.

  • It is recommended to register all message contents to avoid blocking or filtering
  • If A2P traffic does not follow these guidelines, messages will be blocked by the operator.


  • Marketing/Promotional content not permitted
  • This type of traffic is blocked on operator's side

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