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FAQ for opt outs

1. Are opt outs required?

YES. You must always give your contacts the opportunity to opt out of receiving your messages. Even if someone just opted in to get your messages five minutes ago, you must always allow them to change their mind.

2. What is the best way to include an opt out in my messages?

'reply STOP to opt out' is probably the most common way to include an opt out method in your messages. Using the words UNSUBSCRIBE or END to opt out can also be used. We also have an opt out link you can insert into your message. Once your contact clicks the opt out link, their number will be removed from the list that you sent the message to, and be placed onto the opt out list.

3. Do I have to remove opted out contacts myself?

NO. If you are using our dashboard, we have a rule set up that will automatically remove contacts who reply with the word STOP and put them onto an Opt Out list in your contacts. If you choose to use a different keyword than STOP, you will have to create that rule yourself so that it triggers on the keyword that you use. To set up an opt out rule that triggers on a keyword other than STOP, go here: https://dashboard.clicksend.com/messaging-settings/sms/inbound-sms

4. Should I set up an auto-reply that triggers on the word STOP to let my contacts know that they've been opted out?

NO. Once someone opts out of getting your messages, you must never send them messages again, unless they have opted back in. In fact, the carriers have a record of all the numbers who have opted out, so if you send them an auto-reply, the messages will fail. Not only will they fail, but continuing to send messages to a contact who opted out can cause your TFN or 10DLC to get blocked. So never set up an auto-reply to let people know that they've been opted out.

5. When a contact opt outs of one contact list, are they also opted out of all of my lists?

NO. The opt out rule only works for the list that you sent the message to. If that contact resides on other contact lists, it would remain on the other lists. To remove it, you would have to remove them manually, or use our REMOVE OPT OUTS function found in the CONTACT LIST section of your dashboard found here: https://dashboard.clicksend.com/lists/1652100 You will see it by clicking on the Clean Up tab in the upper right side of your contact lists.

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