How to connect your tech stack to ClickSend

Updated 6 months ago

Automating your business is a superpower. Thanks to integrations and a simple API, text message automation is easier than ever.  There’s three ways you can connect your tech stack to ClickSend. 

  1. Connect directly to your tool or software using a native integration

ClickSend has 65  native integrations with tools like Zoho CRM, ActiveCampaign or Wordpress. These integrations have been built by our team and are easy to set up. You can often connect two platforms in a few clicks. 

Search our integrations marketplace to see what’s available. 

  1. Use our API docs to connect 

If you’re technically-minded, you can use our powerful API to connect the tools you use to ClickSend. Our API docs are the place to go for technical guidance.  The API is perfect for building custom-solutions or connecting tools that ClickSend doesn’t already integrate with.

  1. Connect any platform to ClickSend using middleware

If you want APIs and coding isn’t in your skill set, you can easily use middleware tools to connect your tech stack to ClickSend. We recommend  Zapier, Make, Integrately or Pabbly — especially if you’re just starting out with automation. 

Middleware platforms will allow you to connect two or more tools and create action flows between each tool. For example, you can create an automation to ‘send an SMS’ when you ‘add a contact to Google Sheets’.

These platforms work based on “triggers” and “actions” to create an if-this-then-that type of scenario. They’re non-technical for the most part, so it’s easy to get started without any programming background. Often popular automations are pre built, with the trigger and action set up already. 

We’ve created a middleware comparison table below so you can understand the difference between our recommended platforms. 





Why choose them?

Zapier is the leader in the market and arguably has the most connections available between tech platforms

For more complex automations. Make has more API endpoints allowing you to create more consecutive actions.

A direct competitor to Make.

A cost-conscious alternative where only ‘actions’ are billed. 

Free plan?

Yes, with 100 monthly tasks for free

Yes, with 1000 free “Ops” monthly

Yes. 100 tasks free in their 14-day free trial

Costs & Plans

Starts at $19.99 for 750 ‘tasks’ and unlocks Multi-Step Zaps.

A “Zap” is a series of automation steps.

$9/mo for 10,000 Ops.

At Make, an “Operation” is a step of an automation.

$19.99/mo for 2000 Tasks (or steps of an automation).

Integrately is beneficial in so that it doesn’t bill for checks and triggers.

Not billed monthly. 

Pabbly is billed once for lifetime access, starting at $249

Compatible with ClickSend?






Still unsure how to connect your tech stack to ClickSend? 

We’re here to help. Book a demo with us and we can give you personalised advice based on your business needs. 

Want to D.I.Y? Sign up for a free trial. We’ll give you some free credit to test your automations.

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