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Vietnam is a complex mobile messaging market with different network restrictions depending on your traffic type.

  • Pre-registered alpha tags are supported.
  • Any message sent with an unregistered alpha tag will be rejected
  • Message content registration is required as well
  • Both only one-way and two-way traffic are supported
  • Two-way traffic can only be sent on the 'Shared Number' which will be 84869430204

Transactional Messages

  • Transactional messages must be registered on an alpha tag.
  • Only one-way messaging is supported.

Please provide our 24/7 chat support team with the following details:

  • Alpha tag (max 11 characters)
  • Business Details
  • Message content
  • URL
  • A copy of your trade license
  • Further forms will be emailed to you

Regulations and Best Practices

Forbidden content types

  • Adult
  • Political
  • Gambling
  • Marketing

Message Content

  • Brand name MUST be included in message content and MUST match the SenderID.

Alpha Tag Guidelines:

  • Generic alpha tag, such as Verify, is not allowed in Vietnam.
  • Alpha tag with generic wording, such as WEB2SMS, is subject to network operators' approval.
  • The alpha tag must be the company name, otherwise, proof of trademark ownership (trademark certificate) of the brand name is required.
    Company ABCD Tech is allowed to apply for senderID ABCD or ABCD Tech.
    For Company ABCD Tech to apply for senderID ABCD App, trademark certificate of ABCD App must be provided.

Marketing SMS Local regulation requires special handling of marketing SMS by the network operators. Separate marketing account will be required to send marketing messages.

For further regulations surrounding advertisement/promotional SMS, please read Sinch's Vietnam Playbook, as this setup differs considerably from transactional SMS. Please contact your Sinch Account Manager for a copy of the Vietnam Playbook.

Message Frequency: Not more than 5 messages per user per day.

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