Georgia +995

Updated 6 months ago

  • Alpha tags are not supported and will be replaced with the generic alpha tag 'SendSMS'.
  • Only one-way messaging is available

Regulations and Best Practices

Forbidden content types

  • Tobacco and smoking accessories
  • Medical services for abortion, prescription drugs, medical supplies and methods of treatment
  • Goods and services subject to state registration (that have not been registered)
  • Goods subject to mandatory certification or other mandatory confirmation of compliance or technical regulation (that have not been certified or are not compliant)
  • Goods for the production and (or) sale of which require the receipt of licenses or other special permits (that do not have said licenses or permits)
  • Gambling (including hotels in gambling zones)
  • Alcohol strong that 25%
  • Activities aimed at attracting attention to the above mentioned objects (competitions, events/festivals, gambling)

Marketing SMS

  • End subscribers need to opt-in to receive marketing SMS
  • An easy and immediate way to opt-out tail required for all marketing SMS
  • Messaging curfews:
          * Working days: 22:00 - 08:00 local time
    * Weekends and public holidays: 20:00 - 09:00 local time

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