US/CA Post Parameters

Updated 9 months ago

At our US post centre, we print on US Letter size paper (8.5in x 11in). You will still need to upload your letter in A4 size, we will automatically resize it for you. You can refer to our letter template guide here.

*Note: We DO-NOT support frameless "edge-to-edge" printing in the US.

We use double-window envelopes which are 9.5in x 4.125in in size.

The single address line formatting is the USPS formatting choice, see their example here. We will re-format any 2 line address for you automatically.

The 'to' address has up to 6 lines, each with a 50 character limit:

- Name (First Name and Last Name): 25 characters each

- Address Line 1: 50 Characters

- Address Line 2: 50 Characters

- City/Town: 50 Characters

- Post Code: 50 Characters but usually this will be around 8 characters.

- Country: 50 Characters

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