How to Create a Webhook in Pipedream and send SMS with ClickSend?

Updated 3 years ago

With Pipedream, developers can now build and run workflows with ClickSend integration. You can also add another integration of apps, datas and API on the workflow.

What we will be doing on this article is to create a workflow where SMS is sent from ClickSend based on webhook trigger.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Source Tab and create http source.
  1. After creating source, you will be redirected to a generated webhook by Pipedream. You will use that webhook to trigger the workflow. Then proceed to creating a workflow.
  1. You can rename your trigger and click 'Add' button to add apps. On our example below, we have added ClickSend app.
    To connect to ClickSend, you will need to add your API credentials.

    - 'username' is the username you use in ClickSend-

    - 'api_key' is the API key found in the ClickSend dashboard:
    Any added connection in ClickSend are automatically saved on your account in Pipedream so you can pull them anytime when you try to connect to ClickSend if creating a new workflow.
  2. After connecting to ClickSend, you will need to edit the code. Use endpoint POST and get the sample body parameter from Send SMS document:
    On our sample above, we use the following body parameter. You can add other parameters as long as it follows our Send SMS API document.

    -to: Recipient phone number in E.164 format.

    -source: it's required to set the source to "pipedream".

    -body: this is your message in string.

    Save and then Deploy your workflow when you are done on coding.
    "messages": [
    "to": "+61411111111",
    "source": "Pipedream",
    "body": "This is a test from Pipedream"
    "to": "+639276551561",
    "source": "Pipedream",
    "body": "This is a test from Pipedream,"

You can also add another apps or actions of your choice on the above workflow.

That's it, an automated SMS will send every time the workflow is triggered by the webhook.

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