Birthday SMS with Apptoto

Updated 3 years ago


Apptoto can provide you a way for sending automated birthday messages to your clients, whether that's through linking your calender contacts with your Apptoto account or manually uploading a contact list directly.

To get started, you can signup for your free trial account here:

( Note: this solution is completely separate to ClickSend and does not require to have an account with us)

The option we are going to show you is by manually uploading your contacts into your Apptoto account.

Once logged in, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Tools on the left sidebar
  2. Click on Contacts
  3. Import contacts. This file does need to be in CSV format.
  4. Once your contacts are uploaded, go to Campaigns on the left side bar
  5. + New Campaign
  6. Add Address Book Campaign
  7. Select the Calander and template you would like to use - In this case I have selected Birthday - SMS (sample 1)
  8. Follow the steps on setting up the campaign

Under results, you will be able to see all your scheduled Birthday messages that due to be sent or have been.

Be sure to check your account settings/timezone here

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