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Alpha Tag

An 'Alpha Tag' is the 'from' name/number that shows when you receive an SMS. It can be numeric e.g. "+61411111111" or alphanumeric e.g. "MyCompany". If you're using an alpha tag, the user won't be able to reply. For more information:

A/B Test

Campaign type that tests up to three variations of the same campaign to determine the better option. Subject line, from names, content, or send time can be tested.

Abuse Complaint

An abuse complaint occurs when your recipient clicks to "report spam" in their email program. The abuse complaint causes the recipient to be automatically unsubscribed and they will no longer receive your email campaign.

Affiliate Marketing

A type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards individual for each visitor or customer brought in through the by individual's marketing efforts.


Application programming interface. An API is a way for web programs to connect with one another using code instead of an interface in a browser. You can use ClickSend APIs to perform the same tasks that you can perform inside the app.


Black List

A list of specific email or IP addresses blocked from by an email provider or spam filter.


Bounces are undeliverable addresses to an inbox. When an e-mail bounces, it is classified as either a soft or a hard bounce.


Can-Spam Act

Created in 2003, this act sets forth the basic legal principles that differentiate legal and illegal commercial email.


When click tracking is enabled for a campaign, ClickSend tracking information is added to each url. When a tracked link is clicked in the campaign, this tracking info redirects the subscriber through ClickSend servers before sending them to the intended web address. That redirect through our server will be logged as a click on your campaign report.

Click Rate

The number of clicks that occur in a sent campaign divided by the number of people sent to on that list.

Condaitional Merge Tages

Refer to place holder


File type for storing tabular data and a preferred file type when importing subscribers into ClickSend.


Delivery Reports

A delivery report contains the status of message delivery. For example, a SMS message delivery report will contain a status like Sent/Delivered/Failed.


See Delivery Reports


DomainKeys Identified Mail associates a specific domain name with an email message which allows a person or organization to claim responsibility for the message.


Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance that standardizes how email receivers perform email authentication using the SPF and DKIM.

DNS Record

Domain Name System is a naming system that designates domain names and maps those names to IP addresses.

Domain Keys

An email authentication system that is designed to verify the DNS domain of the sender to prove message integrity.

Double Opt-in

Opt-in requirement where a subscriber must click a confirmation link in a follow-up email after they submit their information through a signup form.

Drag And Drop Template

A customizable email template used in ClickSend’s Drag and Drop Editor. These templates allow you to quickly add, delete, duplicate, and move content blocks in your campaign layout, and are optimized for viewing across devices.


Email Client

A desktop program or web application that displays and manages your email. Apple Mail, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, and Hotmail are a few examples of popular email clients. Email clients often have a strict daily sending limit of about 500 emails per day. If you need to send more emails, an Email Service Provider (ESP) like ClickSend can help.

Email Designer

A tool within the Campaign Builder that allows campaigns to have a very flexible and customizable layout through the use of drag and drop modules.

Embed Form

Version of a signup form designed to be placed on a website.


An email service provider (ESP), like ClickSend, is a company that provides bulk email services and email marketing tools.

Event Trigger

List information such as subscriber sign up date, a product purchase date, or even the subscriber's birthday that is used to send an automated email to a subscriber.


Hard Bounce

A hard bounce indicates an email that cannot be delivered. When a hard bounce happens, ClickSend will remove the address permanently from your list into the cleaned section.


Inbox Preview

A feature that allows you to quickly and easily see how different email clients will render your campaign's HTML content.


An Internet Service Provider is a telephone or telecommunications company that provides Internet access to its customers.


Merge Tags

Refer to place holders.


"Mobile-Originated" - An inbound SMS


"Mobile-Terminated" - An outbound SMS



A statistic that indicates the campaign has been opened and viewed by your subscribers. When an email is opened with images turned on, an invisible open-tracker graphic that we embed into your email is downloaded from our server. Each time that graphic is downloaded, we count that as an open on your campaign report.

Open Rate

A rate of opens calculated for each sent campaign. It's determined by the number of times the campaign was opened, divided by the number of people who received the campaign.


The act of someone granting permission to be added to a list.



Content tailored to individual subscribers. Refer to place holders.

Plain Text

A campaign type that does not contain any images, rich text formatting, or links. This is the most basic type of campaign, so that your content will appear the same in any email client. Learn how to build a plain-text campaign.


QR Code

Dynamically-created image you can put in a campaign that subscribers can use to access a coupon, signup page or other web URL.



RESTful is the term used to describe APIs that follow representational state transfer (REST), a style of API architecture. RESTful APIs typically rely on HTTP verbs to retrieve webpages and objects, or "resources." ClickSend's API 3.0 is a predominantly RESTful API.


An email validation system that builds on the SPF premise to verify sender IP addresses in order to prevent email spoofing.

Soft Bounce

A soft bounce indicates a temporary delivery issue, such as the recipient's inbox is full, their server is down, they're on vacation and have set up their email set to away. ClickSend will try sending to that address again, but will clean a soft bounce after five failed sends.


Sender Policy Framework is an email validation system that verifies sender IP addresses to prevent email spoofing.


Someone who has opted in to your list in order to receive emails from you.



SMS: you can save templates for future SMS campaigns.

Email: A HTML file that serves as a starting point for a new campaign. This is the container for the campaign's content where the design layout and all content reside.

Transactional Email

A one-to-one email prompted by a specific trigger event on the part of the email recipient or activity in an account they own. Contact us for more information.


Unique Clicks

A campaign report stat counted only once for each subscriber that clicks a link in a campaign.

Unique Opens

A campaign report stat counted only once for each subscriber that opens a campaign.

User Agent

Information that indicates which browser, OS, or email client is used by the subscriber.



A convenient method for triggering specific behavior on a web page or web application with custom callbacks. Callbacks allow a client register an API endpoint and receive data in a predefined format, as it's pushed by the server.

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