Integrate ClickSend SMS to through Pipedream

Updated 3 years ago

You can send automated SMS notifications when there's an activity on board's status on All you need is Pipedream as the mediator.

This article will guide you through the steps on how to set it up.

  1. On platform, go to 'Integrate'.
  1. Select Webhooks.
  2. Select the event you subscribe into. On this article, we have selected the event 'When a status changes to something, send a webhook'. Then choose 'Use another account'. By this time, you have your Pipedream account opened.

  1. On Pipedream dashboard, go to Sources and select 'HTTP / Webhook' and then choose 'New Requests' and proceed to 'Create Source'

  1. On the Request, click 'Edit code and configuration'

  1. On 'this' object, update the value of body parameter to 'event.body,'. Observe the original code in line 49 below.
  2. Save the changes and copy the endpoint and paste it on's webhook URL field and click 'Connect'.
  3. Configure the event. On our article, we have selected Done activity on Status on board.

  1. Go back to Pipedream and add a workflow. Look for 'ClickSend SMS' and connect your account.
    To connect to ClickSend, you will need to add your API credentials.

    - 'username' is the username you use in ClickSend-

    - 'api_key' is the API key found in the ClickSend dashboard:
  2. Edit your code and add these lines below:
    "messages": [
    "to": "+61411111111",
    "source": "Pipedream",
    "body": "This is a test from Pipedream"
    "to": "+639276551561",
    "source": "Pipedream",
    "body": "This is a test from Pipedream,"

    Also 'method' and 'url' must be POST and
    You can edit the "to" values to your phone numbers so you can receive SMS notifications.
  3. Save changes in your code and remember to 'Deploy' your workflow so any activities in the status of your board in, an automated SMS will execute.

Pipedream is usually for developers and technical people. There is another integration through Zapier.

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