Send SMS Appointments from through Google Sheets and ClickSend

Updated 3 years ago

Ideally, when sending SMS appointments, we wanted to include the booking date/time on the message body but at the moment, Booking date/time value and Phone number value cannot be fetch together at the same time from

The good news is, we have a work around through Google Sheet in Zapier. This article will guide you through steps on how to.

  1. Go to Zapier and start by selecting the apps and Google Sheets. Trigger should be 'specific column value changed in board in' and action should be 'Create spreadsheet row(s)'
  2. Add your credentials to connect to the zap and then choose the Board you want to use in the automation. As for Column, it should be 'Phone'. Click 'Continue' to proceed and then test the trigger to fetch the events. The parameters of the event will be used later to fill in the Google Sheets field dynamically.

Note: Before proceeding, you should have your sheet ready. There should be a Booking date/ time and phone number column. I suggest you also add a column where you can trigger the send SMS. Below is an example.

  1. Connect your Google Sheet to the Zap. Select the spreadsheet and worksheet you desire.

  1. Fill up the fields dynamically. Fetch the value of items and phone numbers from by adding these values dynamically under Name and Phone Number. We leave the Booking Date/ Time blank.

    The value from Booking Date/Time on your board in cannot be pulled together when you have selected Phone number Value to fetch as a trigger. As what I have mentioned above, Booking date/time value and phone number value cannot be fetch together at the same time from

  1. Proceed to testing and you will see accumulated data sent to your Google Sheet. Turn this zap on.
  2. Now let's create a separate Zap. This time, apps should be Google Sheets and ClickSend SMS. Trigger is 'Updated Spreadsheet Row' and actions is 'Send SMS'

  1. When completing the Google Sheets zap, fill up the trigger column field with a dynamic value. On this sample, we have selected "Trigger the Column to Send SMS" from the sheet. Proceed continue.

  1. Configure Send SMS action. Fill up the fields dynamically. For To field, we fetch phone value and as for message field, recommended to fetch name and booking date/time values.

  1. Test the Zap and turn it on.

With that set up, an automated SMS will execute when there's an activity under the triggered column.

You will need to manually add the booking date /time on google sheet as the values under it are not fetched together with Phone values.

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