Outlook Plugin Troubleshooting

Updated 2 years ago

Install Visual Studio 2010 Tools

  1. Follow the installation steps here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48217
  2. Restart your computer after the installation

Reinstall the Plugin

  1. Uninstall the plugin (control panel -> programs -> uninstall ClickSend SMS Outlook Plugin)
  2. restart your computer 
  3. Reinstall the plugin - make sure you choose the 'Standard Plugin - Any Outlook Version' version.

Check Ribbon Settings

  1. Click 'File'
  2. Select 'Options'
  3. Select 'Customise Ribbon' and check that 'Add-Ins' is checked

Still Not Working?

Please send us the following info:

  1. What version of Windows are you running e.g. Windows 7 64-bit: Find out here
  2. Which version of Office are you running e.g. Office 2010 64-bit: Find out here
  3. Did you get an errors during the installation process?
  4. What version of the plugin did you try to install:
    • Standard
    • HKLM/Citrix - Outlook 32-bit
    • HKLM/Citrix - Outlook 64-bit
  5. A description of the issue in detail:
    • Exactly what happens
    • Steps to reproduce the error
    • How often is it happening (every time or randomly)

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