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  • Alpha tags require pre-registration on the Claro network. Non-registered senders are replaced with a short code to ensure delivery.
  • International numbers are replaced with a short code on the Tigo Panama network to ensure delivery.
  • Concatenated SMS is supported by all networks except Digicel.
  • Both one-way and two-way traffic are supported with shared and dedicated short codes.
  • Both transactional and promotional content are allowed but require registration with the networks

Special Spanish characters such as èéùìòÉÑܧñàÑ are not supported in UCS2 or Latin1. If UCS2 is used, messages don't arrive, if Latin1 is used, messages arrive but the letters with an accent are replaced with a space or the same letter without the accent: "su código" becomes "su c digo" or "su codigo".

Regulations and Best Practices

Disallowed content: violence, political, religious & adult content is forbidden

Gambling and Betting content is allowed.

Opt-In: Required.

Opt-In: Required.

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