How do I add a line break in my SMS message?

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You can use the official REST API documentation for ClickSend and search Send SMS, find the code sample and change and run it according to your data.

To add a new line in the message body of outgoing SMS, there are a few options below if sending via the API.

\n Character

  • If you're using a JSON request body, you can use "\n"
    e.g. "body" : "Here is my first line\nhere is my second line",
  • If that doesn't work, try "\r\n"
    e.g. "body" : "Here is my first line\r\nhere is my second line",

<br> HTML Tag

Use "<br>" in the message body

e.g. "Here is my first line<br>here is my second line"

%0a New Line Character

Encode a new line as %0a.

For example, you could send a message like the following:


Line Break Character

Use a new line in your body string e.g. 



Line breaks/carriage returns count as 2 characters.

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