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Send your automated business letters from Pipedrive via ClickSend through Zapier integration. This article will guide you through the steps on how to setup.


  1. Sending letters requires return address. Create a ClickSend account here and add a return address.
  2. If you haven't signed up yet on a Zapier account, create one here.
  3. Add custom fields for addresses on your Deals page. Find the steps here. Add custom fields for:
    - Address Line - building number or house lot and street
    - City
    - State
    - Postal code
    - Country - must be in 2 code. Example 'AU' stands for Australia and 'US' stands for United States.


In this guide we'll be setting up how to send letters for every new deal created or whenever a deal matched a Pipedrive filter. This is great for sending automated contracts/ agreements of deals made between you and your clients.

Let's get started.

  1. Create a zap and look for Pipedrive. Authenticate your connection by adding your Pipedrive credentials then select New Deal as an event.
  2. By this time, you must've added the address fields and contacts so we can get a returned data from Zapier. Test and continue your zap.
  3. Add an action app and look for ClickSend SMS. Authenticate the connection by adding your ClickSend credentials. Copy your credentials from here. Select Send Letter as the action.
  4. Set up the the Send Letter action. Paste your letter url in the PDF url field. Your letter must be in PDF format to be able to send successful letters. Customise your letter by enabling Priority, Template, Colour and Duplex.

    Fill up the address fields with dynamic address data from Pipedrive.
  5. Add a return address. If you haven't added a return address, create one here and pull them from Zapier.
  6. Test the Zap and publish it. With this setup, you'll be sending automated letters to every contacts you made with deals with in Pipedrive.


If you’re having problems, please check the following:

  1. Check your Authentication. It should be using your ClickSend's username and API key not your ClickSend password.
  2. Make sure you have credit in your balance. Check and top up here.
  3. Have you filled in all required parameters in the payload? Required fields are Address Name,  Address Line, City, State, Postal code and Country


  1. Can I send letters globally?
    - Yes, we support sending letters all over the world.
  2. How many pages can I send per letter?
    - You can send maximum of 60 pages per letter.
  3. Can I track my letters?
    - You'll be able to monitor the status of your letters on your history.
  4. Where can I see the Pricing?
    - Visit the pricing here and click Post tab to see Letter prices.

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