Thailand +66

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  • Both alpha sender ID's and numeric sender ID's are supported and require pre-registration
  • Both one-way and two-way traffic is supported
  • Operators in Thailand maintain their own DND registry and this is bypassed if the sender is white listed. Subscribers are required to contact their network operator directly if they want to be included or removed from DND, which typically takes 3-7 days to process.
  • Pre-registration of sender ID's has a $50 USD fee
  • OTP messages are supported and must be sent on a pre-registered alphanumeric sender ID

To register your sender ID, contact our 24/7 support team with the following information:

  1. Sender ID (no spaces, 11 characters max):
  2. Service description: Notifications/marketing/OTP
  3. Sample Message:
  4. Monthly volume:
  5. Company name or URL: 

Regulations and Best Practices

Forbidden content types

  • Adult
  • Political
  • Gambling
  • Religious
  • Money lending
  • Spam

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