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Only Transactional Messages should be sent using ClickSends Default Sender option

By default, all messages will be sent from ClickSend's shortcode, however, this number will be translated into a random local South African long number on delivery to the end recipient. Replies are still supported.

Note: Only transactional messages should be sent via the above method.

Marketing Messages

All marketing messages are required to be sent via a dedicated longcode or a dedicated shortcode. Once the message is sent to the carriers, the South African carrier will overwrite that number with a local longcode number prior to being delivered to the recipient. If the recipient replies, the carrier will then route that message back to the original dedicated longcode number that is assigned to your account.

Your longcode cannot be contacted directly. You must first send a message to your recipient in order for them to send a message to you.

If you have a shortcode, people can send a message directly to your shortcode without having to reply to a message that you sent to them originally.

To purchase a dedicated longcode or shortcode, please contact ClickSends 24/7 chat support.

Note: There is a $30AUD monthly fee for a dedicated longcode. Pricing for a dedicated shortcode can be found here

Whats the best option for me?

Both longcodes and shortcodes support outbound messaging, however, the difference between the two is whether you require inbound messages without initiating the outbound message. If you do, then we do recommend a dedicated shortcode.

Regulations and Best Practices

Banned Content:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Drugs, cannabis & Vapes
  • Adult content - including ads for sex work & prostitution
  • Personal messaging

Regarding gambling/betting, it is allowed in South Africa on the premise that opt-outs are allowed and that it adheres to local legislation regarding marketing to a minor (under 18)

Time Restrictions:

There is a Do Not Disturb (DND) registry in South Africa for Marketing traffic.

Allowed sending time for marketing programs: Monday-Friday 8am to 8pm, and Saturday from 9am to 1pm local time (GMT+2). You not allowed to send promotional/marketing content during public holidays or on Sundays.

Opt-out / unsubscribe To meet the South African regulations, any marketing outbound messages must allow an opt-out method to the subscriber.

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