What do I do if the Opt-Out list was deleted?

Updated 2 years ago

  1. Create a new opt-out list named "Opt-Out List"
  2. Add an inbound rule here: https://dashboard.clicksend.com/messaging-settings/sms/inbound-sms
  3. Click ADD NEW RULE button and choose "Message starts with" then enter Stop keyword. Choose "MOVE_CONTACT" under the Action field and choose your created Opt-out List by clicking the drop-down menu. Here's a screenshot:https://d.clicksend.com/d/hWJ0tw32/OPT_OUT_rule.PNG
  4. Export message received history in CSV
  5. Filter this to STOP messages using Excel or Google Sheets
  6. Create a new import file from this list
  7. Import this into the new Opt-Out list

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