How to Trigger a Flow based on Keyword from Inbound SMS in Microsoft Power Automation?

Updated 3 years ago

If you are wanting to Create a Contact and send automated SMS depending on what keyword you receive, ClickSend SMS Connector and Power Automate can help you.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Add 'SMS Inbound Automation' trigger
  2. Add new step and look for 'Condition'
  3. Since we are going to filter a word / keyword coming from inbound SMS, the value should be 'Body', match type should be 'contains' and input your keyword.

    On our sample below, we have added 'join' as keyword.
  4. Now below are the conditions.
    If the match type was met, the 'Yes' condition will execute but if not, we have the 'No' condition that we can run.
    It is not mandatory to fill these both together on the Flow but on our sample below we will add actions under Yes condition as we want to create a contact and send SMS when we receive the keyword 'join'.
  5. First we add 'Create New Contact' action - Input 'From' dynamically on 'Phone Number' field. This will save the recipient's contact on a designated list when a trigger takes place.
  6. Second, we add 'Send SMS' action - Input 'Phone Number' dynamically on 'message to' field so the automated SMS will send to the newly added contact. Proceed to saving the Flow.

    With this set up, any inbound SMS with keyword join will trigger the Flow to create a contact and send an automated SMS to the recipient.

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