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Integrate ClickSend with Zendesk

Method 1: Through Zapier.com

This is by far the easiest to setup and is more powerful. 

Create an account at Zapier.com and setup triggers and actions linking ClickSend and Zendesk. Contact us if you require assistance with the setup.

Method 2: Direct Integration

  1. Login to Zendesk
  2. Once logged in, click on the cog in the lowerleft, navigate to Extensions
  3. Select the Targets tab >> click add target
  4. Choose URL Target.
  5. Add the following parameters:
    • Title:ClickSend SMS Target
    • URL:https://api.clicksend.com/http/v2/send.php with the following parameters: 
  6. For example:
    • Method: POST
    • Attribute Name:message
    • BasicAuthentication: Not required
  7. Select CreateTarget & clickSubmit (Note:‘Test Target’ will not work).
Email SMS Notifications

Now we just need to tell Zendesk when to send SMS notifications - this can be done with Triggers.

Select your Trigger for your SMS notification

  • Select Business Rules >> Triggers
  • Choose the Trigger to add SMS (e.g. Notifyrequester of comment update) - click edit
  • Add a condition
  • Add action and enter the following parameters:

Select Action: Notify Target >> ClickSend SMS

Message:Enter your message:

e.g. Ticket ({{ticket.id}} -{{ticket.title}}) has been updated.

Please visit: {{ticket.url}}

  • Remember to save changes 

TIP: You'll need to add a mobile phone number to the profile of your registered customers.

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