Zoho Plugin Troubleshooting

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'No Permission' Error

If you are receiving 'No Permission' when attempting to send an SMS, ask your admin user to enable permission on your account. To do this they will need to

  1. Navigate to the ClickSend plugin settings here https://crm.zoho.com/crm/org686874686/settings/extensions/all
  2. Select 'Change Permission' and 'Manage Profile'.
  3. Update settings to both admin and standard user.

The ClickSend plugin will require 'Manage Automation' to be enabled in the Admin Level settings

Tag Discrepancy Error

The error is "Sorry, there is a tag discrepancy in the function. The related list cannot be displayed." It shows under ClickSend SMS table where SMS history supposed to reflect per mobile number.

This error is due to the phone number (of the contact or lead within CRM) has no SMS history yet in ClickSend. Once the phone number received an outbound SMS from CRM, SMS history will populate on the ClickSend SMS table and that error disappears.

You may ask the user to do the following:

  1. Go to `Contacts` module
  2. Create a contact. Phone number must be in international format. Example: +140555555553.
  3. Then Save and Send SMS through ClickSend.
  4. After a successful send, refresh Contacts module page and check the ClickSend SMS table at the bottom - a record of outbound SMS reflected there instead of tag discrepancy error.

System Error

When you have this error on the ClickSend SMS modal, the outputs are,

  1. you cannot send SMS
  2. cannot fetch dedicated numbers on your account
  3. not able to see SMS conversations or the outbounds and inbounds texts
  4. not able to fetch SMS templates

To solve the System Error issue, ask the user to check their entered API credentials. Entered credentials in the CRM has to be matched on their ClickSend account, if not, they will continue to experience this error.

If the error still persist even after updating correct API credentials, let us know and we'll check. This maybe an outage from Zoho CRM platform that spikes at sometime and then leaves.

Zoho CRM Workflow

Are you not able to send SMS from workflows? Please try these steps:

  1. Try using GET method instead of POST.
  2. If your parameter value is 'Phone' the number must be in the Phone field.You can use Mobile or Phone fields as long as there is a valid phone number there.
  3. On your Webhook under URL Parameters > Standard Format, update the parameter name 'to'

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