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Messages will be overwritten to 'ClickSend' to ensure delivery.

To register your Sender ID, please provide the following information to our 24/7 chat team:

1. Sender ID ( within 3 to 11 characters)

2. Content Sample ( list all templates if it includes marketing) ** Generic content is not allowed. All content must have brand name included.

3. Company Name

4. Company Type ( Local or International)

5. Service Type ( OTP/Notification/Marketing)

6. Company Website

SID Registration for Sri Lanka Template.xlsx

Additional Information

  • Alphanumeric Senders are allowed
  • Senders are Case-Sensitive
  • Special Characters are allowed but subject to approval
  • Generic Senders are not allowed
  • Numeric Senders are not allowed
  • Sender ID registrations process is 5 working days

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