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Updated 11 months ago

You can Integrate SMS into Infusionsoft using ClickSend. This also supports our other products like Fax, MMS, Voice, Post and Email Marketing.

Option 1 - Using Zapier

This can be done via - a system that connects us with Infusionsoft. More info:

Let us know if you need any help with the setup.

Option 2 - Using our API directly

You can add our API directly into Infusionsoft to send SMS.

Within each Infusionsoft campaign toolbox under "Process" there is a function called Send HTTP Post. We can use this to call the ClickSend SMS API and send a text message.

To integrate, drag the Send HTTP Post item into your campaign sequence and then click on it.

You will see a field to enter a POST URL.

Post URL:

Under this field you will see another field called Name / Value Pairs, you can add as many as you like using the + button. This is where we define the parameters of our message.

method: infusionsoft

username: your ClickSend username from here.

key: your ClickSend API key from here.

to: ~Contact.Phone1~

message: the message body. 

senderid: the from name/number (leave blank if US/Canada - More info).

Using the Infusionsoft test function

If using the Infusionsoft test function, whilst utilising a variable, it will give a 500 error as it will not be able to find a valid mobile to insert. To test, replace the contact number variable with your phone number.

Adding line breaks to messages using URL encoding:

Due to limitations in the Infusionsoft value/pairs, line breaks cannot be added here. You'll have to URL encode the message using a tool like this: URL Encoder

If No Messages Are Sent

Contact out support team 24/7. We can setup debugging to see exactly what's going wrong.

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