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Alpha tags are not supported and will be replaced with a shared short code.


All SMS with URL links will be blocked unless business is whitelisted. SMS with URL links from Senders not registered will be blocked.

To whitelist your alpha tag, please provide the following details to our 24/7 chat team:

Alpha tag: (Local Brand only)

Transactional or Marketing:

Sample Text:

Brands website:

*Note: Generic Senders not permitted.

*All senders will still be overwritten to a shared shortcode

* Brand name MUST be included in message content.

1-way SMS

  • One-way messaging is supported and sent via shared short code

2-way SMS

  • Two-way messaging is supported and can be sent with a shared or dedicated short code.
  • Only domestic brands can send two-way messages, international brands are not supported
  • Both transactional and promotional content are allowed.

Regulations and Best Practices

Forbidden content types

  • Adult
  • Political
  • Gambling
  • Religion
  • URL links
  • Requesting for users' personal information
  • Telephone numbers

The message content must mention the brand name since senders are replaced by short codes.

For local brands, standard practice is to put the brand name in front of the message content to clearly show that it is local traffic.

It is mandatory to have “RM0“ at the beginning of the content to comply with local regulation. In case "RM0" is missing, we may insert RM0 in the message to comply with the regulation and prevent getting rejected by the network operators. However, if the message length of the content is more than 153 characters, RM0 will not be added and may be rejected by the network operators.


Required. Any form of opt-in is acceptable in the case of non-premium sms.

In the case of previously blocked sender (opting in again), subscribers shall reply UNBLOCK to unblock the sender.



Best practice is to allow subscribers to reply STOP to unsubscribe and INFO to get help. It is advised to include them in the message body.

Please note that the keyword HELP has some issues with some operators so it is strongly recommended to not use it and use INFO instead.

Allowed sending time for marketing programs:

Monday-Sunday 8am to 11pm.

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