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1-way SMS

The Czech Republic is a destination that requires pre-registration of an alpha tag. From 1st September 2021, T-Mobile won't support generic senders as a measure to prevent phishing and SPAM traffic. Therefore we recommend registering all Alpha tags to avoid sudden blocks by the operator. If your Sender Address is not registered: Messages to operator T-Mobile might fail.

2-way SMS

Supported via SMS via Long Numbers in the Czech Republic.

Alpha Tag Registration

Please note that there's a minimum requirement recharge of AUD 20 and a monthly fee of AUD 20.

We must confirm if the business has a local or international entity.

  1. For Local registration, please provide the following details:
  1. For International registration, please provide the following details:

Registration ETA for Local: 10 business days

Registration ETA for International: 45 business days

Regulations and Best Practices

Gambling, adult & betting content is not allowed. In addition according to act No. 480/2004 Coll., for Certain Information Society Services (effective from 1 July 2017) the sending of messages for the purpose of spreading a commercial communication is prohibited if:

  1. Message is not clearly identified as a commercial communication
  2. The identity of the sender (brand) is concealed or hidden
  3. Message is sent without a valid address to which the addressee may directly and effectively opt out

This regulation is valid for any A2P SMS traffic, but foremost applied and enforced on 2-way (Long Number) communications where the brand is not directly visible as sender name.

Clients that send promotional traffic should start the message with "OS:". This means "obchodni sdeleni" which translates to "commercial communication".

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