Post inbound/incoming SMS to a Discord channel

Updated 2 years ago

Stay in touch with your Discord members through posting inbound/incoming SMS to your channels. This article will guide you through steps on how to.

  1. Login to your Discord account. Select a channel you want the inbound SMS to post. Click the gear icon (Edit channel).
  2. Go to integrations and create a new webhook. Copy the Webhook URL.
  1. Open your IFTTT account then create an Applet.
    Trigger (If This) - would be ClickSend's SMS Received
    Action (Then that) - would be Webhooks' Make a web request
  2. On Make a web request , paste the discord webhook to the URL.
    Method should be POST
    Content type should be application/json
    Leave the Addtional Headers blank
    Body should be { "content": " <<<{{Message}}>>>" }
    Then click Create action button when done.
  3. Finish the applet. With that set up, every inbound messages will be posted to the channel which will help you keep in touch and connected with your Discord members.

Note: This automation does not work with scheduled inbound messages. You can only post the inbound messages to the Discord channel once your number has received it.

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