Can I send messages over SMPP?

Updated 2 years ago

Yes you can. Please get in contact with us over live chat on our website to get this enabled on your account. We can set it up for you 24/7.

They will ask you the following questions:

  1. Add a credit card to your account here: - there's a minimum monthly spend of USD$500 (or equivalent) to use SMPP.
  2. Get in contact with our 24/7 live chat support team. They'll ask:
    1. What is you server's public IP address? we need to whitelist it.
    2. What are your estimated outgoing SMS volumes? If you're going to be sending less than 10k messages per month, SMPP probably isn't the best option for you. Consider using our REST/HTTP API instead.
    Don't try to connect via SMPP until our staff has whitelisted your IP otherwise your connection will be blocked.
A minimum monthly spend of $500 is required, or a $500 fee will apply.

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