How to Push Inbound SMS to ActiveCampaign

Updated 3 years ago

There is a way to push inbound SMS to ActiveCampaign and that is through Zapier. You will also need a dedicated number if you are wanting to push initial inbound SMS to the Deals. You can purchase one in here.

The inbound SMS including the recipient's number can show as a Note under Deals. This article will guide you through steps on how to set it up.

  1. Create a Zap with ClickSend SMS and ActiveCampaign
  2. Choose 'New Incoming SMS' as the trigger and 'Add Note to Deal' as the action
  3. Add your ClickSend API credentials to connect, proceed to test your inbound sms trigger and then Continue.
  1. Add your ActiveCampaign credentials to connect it to the Zap. You must have an existing Deal on your ActiveCampaign account so you can push inbound SMS there.
  2. Set up the action. Select any existing Deal from your ActiveCampaign account. On the Note field, put From and Body dynamic values from 'New incoming SMS from ClickSend SMS'
  3. Proceed to test the action and Turn this Zap on.

That's it! With that set up, all new incoming SMS will be pushed to ActiveCampaign as a note under Deals as you can see below.

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