Protecting your accounts - 2 Factor Authentication

Updated 1 month ago

To keep your account and data safe, Clicksend enforces 2 Factor Authentication (2FA). This means that you may be required to enter a verification code upon login.

We currently support the following methods for 2FA verifications:

  • SMS

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I be checking for my verification codes?

The challenges will be issued at a subaccount level. The mobile number associated with each subaccount can be found and updated at

Can I have multiple subaccounts using the same mobile number?

Yes. You may use the same mobile number for multiple subaccounts. However, we would suggest that each subaccount have a unique mobile number attached to it.

How do i enable this on my account?

No action is required from you. 2 Factor Authentication will be automatically provisioned for your account.

What other forms of 2FA delivery mechanisms are available?

The team is currently hard at work to provision it via email 2FA. It shouldn't be too far behind so stay tuned for updates!

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