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Send SMS to your campaign members.

With the newly updated ClickSend SMS extension, you can now send SMS to the members of your campaign. Here's how to:

  1. Go to Campaigns object and click 'New' to create a campaign.
  2. Name your campaign and save. For this guide, I have named my campaign 'June Campaign'.
  3. Start adding contacts or leads to the campaign by clicking 'Add Leads' or 'Add Contacts'. You'll know you have added successfully when they populate the campaign members number.
  4. To compose and send messages to the campaign, look for Send SMS action under Quick action dropdown.
  5. Click 'Send SMS' to send them through. Sent messages will populate under the ClickSend SMS logs table which you can expand when viewed all. Also, logs will populate on each contacts and lead you have added to the Campaign.

Add Send SMS checkbox

This would allow you to see a checkbox for Send SMS. You may enable and disable it for each contact.

By default it is enabled already when you add a contact or a lead on your Campaigns.

You'd go to Setup > Object Manager > In the quick find search box type 'Campaign Member' and click on the Campaign Member object

On the left side, click on Page Layouts. Look for Send SMS under 'Fields' and drag it to the layout.

Then, Save.

Disable Send SMS checkbox

By default 'Send SMS' checkbox is enabled when you add contacts and leads to campaigns. You have the option to disable them manually. Once you disable, they won’t receive SMS when you send a message to campaign they belong with.

To disable you'd go to Campaigns > View all > click the contact's name and edit the Send SMS checkbox to untick.

Send SMS through Flow Builder using ScreenFlow

Now you can send SMS to any customised objects. Here's how to:

  1. On Salesforce platform, go to 'Setup' and quick find 'Flows'. It should be under 'Process Automation'. Create a new flow.
  2. In this help article, we will send SMS to any contacts of a selected object. This can work with any customised object as well. We're going to try the simplest which is Screenflow.
  3. Add 'Get Records' to the flow. In this help article, we'll choose Contact as the object. Add one condition.
    -On the field, choose 'contact id'
    -Operator is 'equals'
    -Value is 'new resource'
  4. When creating a new resource, select variable, API name is 'recordid', data type is 'text' and availability is for input. Click Done for both.
  5. On the Flow, connect your screenflow to get records.
  6. Now let's add Send SMS. Drag the 'Action' to the flow, look for 'ClickSend', and then configure. Label your action and enable the 'message' and 'toNumber' fields. You can put fixed or dynamic values on it. Click Done.
  7. Connect the action to the flow underneath 'Get Records' and then Activate.
  8. Now let's add this flow to the Quick Action area. Go to Setup > Object Manager > Quick find Contacts > Button, links and actions > New action.

    Fill up the fields as we did below

- Action type is Flow

- Flow: You pick up the flow you just created in the builder

-Label, name your button for your reference then Save.

  1. Now go to the Contacts object and open one. Look for Send SMS Flow under the Quick actions dropdown and click.
    A confirmation screen will appear saying your message has been sent by default. this screen is editable in the Flow builder.

Inbound SMS / 2 way Messaging

Receive inbound text messages in your Salesforce. Site is required to enable 2 way messaging. To set up, please refer here.


Get notifications for every inbound SMS. These notifications are mapped to your Salesforce contacts.


If you’re having problems, please check the following:

  1. Check your Authentication. It should be using your ClickSend's username and API key.
  2. Make sure you have credit in your balance. Check and top up here.
  3. Fill in all required parameters in the payload. Required values are phone number  and message.
  4. The capacity for Bulk SMS sending is limited to a maximum of 1,000 recipients per send.
  5. If you are using Business name as Sender id and it's not functioning as expected, please review the following:
    1. Exceeded characters. Only 11 characters without space is allowed for Business name
    2. Global sending disabled on the country you are sending to. Please reach out to support for assistance. More info
    3. Country you are sending to does not support business name

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