Porting NZ Shortcode

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For migrating a customer’s Dedicated Short Code from one SMS provider to another, follow these steps:

  1. The Customer’s current SMS Provider must first send a release of the shortcode email to all the carriers.
  2. Ask the customer what the shortcode is and when it has been released.
  3. The SMS partner that is gaining the short code (Bulletin in most cases) will then need to go to each of the carriers and schedule a date and time for the migration - a minimum notice of 10 working days is needed for this. Please note migrations always happen during NZ Business Hours. We opt for a Wednesday afternoon around 3 pm NZ time for this to occur.
  4. A completed service request form needs to be sent to Bulletin.
  5. Bulletin then needs to get carrier approval before the migration happens.
  6. Bulletin keeps us informed of the dates and the process.
  7. Pricing model:
    1. One-off migration charge of NZD 600.04 per shortcode.
    2. Monthly recurring charge of NZD 300.02 per short code after migration.

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