How do I swap my numbers to TFNs?

Updated 2 years ago

So you've received an email from us advising you to swap your dedicated numbers from normal long codes to TFNs (Toll-Free Numbers), what does this mean?

US networks are enforcing regulations on the use of normal long codes, which will mean your US traffic will heavily be impacted and your recipients may no longer be able to receive your SMS and MMS if you continue sending from your normal long codes.

In order to prevent any interruption to your messages being delivered, we are offering to replace your current normal long codes with TFNs.

To swap your numbers to TFNs, simply follow the steps below:

1. Click on the link we have provided in the email.

2. You will see you current list of normal long codes that will be swapped for TFNs. Review the FAQs at the bottom of the page then click "Accept".

3. You're all done. You will see your new list of TFNs alongside the numbers they replaced. This summary will be emailed to you for your reference.


What happens if I don't accept to swap my numbers?

Your US traffic will be heavily impacted if you don’t swap to a toll free number. If you'd like to retain your existing long-codes, please contact us ASAP.

Do I need to update my automations?

No, we will automatically update your automations and settings to use your replacement TFNs. If you use the API or one of our integrations to send, you'll need to update the 'from' number, or sender ID to use your new TFN instead.

What will happen to my call-forwarding set up?

Call forwarding will continue on your old number until it is removed from your account. Contact us if you would like call forwarding set up on your new numbers.

What will happen to SMS I receive on my old numbers?

You will continue to receive inbound SMS to your old numbers for 30 days only. This is to give you an opportunity to transition smoothly and let your customers know of your new numbers. After 30 days, your old numbers will be deactivated and you will no longer receive any inbound SMS to them.

Will their be any price difference with a TFN?


Is this only affecting ClickSend?

No, these changes affect all providers sending SMS to the USA.

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