Escalation Manual: Jira Card and Admin Dashboard Task for Tech Support

Updated 1 month ago

Create a Jira Card

- If the issue is a bug with the Dashboad (UI) and REST API.

- Features of Dashboard is not working properly, functions having glitch, issues with the User interface and its values.

eg. Buttons are not working and has a delay, values like history or dates or contents not showing.

- Issues with API that is having 500 error or latency before having response.

- Issues with Delivery - affecting hundreds or thousands of messages not being delivered or being sent wtih latency.

- Generally all functions of UI and REST API that is not working properly.

Create a Task

- If it is not a bug but rather an "Enquiry".

- Enquiry with regards API endpoint or function, Dashboard functionality, a feature request or probable improvement with the system.

- Questions with regards how to use our API, how to use properly our Plugins for integrations.

- Feature request for the API, plugins and automations.

- Issues with Plugins, Third-Party Apps and integrations must be raised as Task first

Reason: Most of the plugins and integrations app are not being handled by the Dev and DevOps Team but of the Product and Integration team.


If there is any issues and concern that needs immidiate action, and there is a Support Developer or Tech Support online, it can be raised via Slack Channel (Support Team Channel).

If the Support Dev and Tech Support is not online, then may create a Task.

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