Reseller Get Started Guide

Updated 9 months ago

  1. Set up an account here.
  2. Get in contact with us to become a Reseller, fees will apply depending on your country. There are a few options available to you such as using our dashboard, API, whitelabel and sometimes just a referral will suffice. Please look at our comparison flowchart here to find the best solution for you:
  3. Once your account has been set up as reseller you’re ready to start adding clients, which you can do in the dashboard here:
  4. You can then adjust the profit margin by selecting ‘Edit’ next to the new account.
  5. You can customise your new reseller account under Settings, such as adding in your own domain, changing the navigation colour and adding your own logo. 
  6. Clients can then login using your whitelabel dashboard. The URL can be found here: for example: or if you want to use your own URL.

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