How often does your pricing change and how are we notified?

Updated 5 years ago

How often do we change our prices?

All message delivery prices are subject to change at any time, however, it's very rare that we change our prices. For example, for delivery to Australia, we've only changed the price once in 10 years.

How to follow pricing changes

  1. View pricing online here:
  2. Subscribe to our Pricing API:
  3. Let us know which countries you're most interested in and we'll send you an email when the pricing changes.

How much notice is given before pricing changes?

Normally we try to give as much notice as possible. This depends on our upstream providers - sometimes we're given up to 60 days notice, and other times we're given no notice at all. 

What if we have an agreed 'locked-in' rate?

The same terms and conditions as above apply. We'll let you know before we change any prices on your account.

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