How does the Reseller Program work?

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The ClickSend Reseller platform allows you to white-label the ClickSend dashboard with your own domain, logo and colors.

  • Set your own pricing - You set the profit margin to determine how much your clients pay.
  • Use your own currency - Set pricing in your local currency. We support most major currencies. You can choose a different currency for each client.
  • Rebrand the interface - The entire ClickSend interface can be modified to suit your own branding and our name is never mentioned in your client’s account. Change the color scheme, add your own logo and even host it at your very own domain.
  • Totally private label - Use our software as your own product. ClickSend is never mentioned, not even in the billing process. Add your own brand, URL, and it’ll be like your own app.
  • Log in from your own site - Host your account at your own sub-domain. Your clients can even log into their account from your own web site. Take the integration further with our powerful API.
  • Worry-free Payments - Either use our own built in payment gateway or bolt on your own. There are multiple options for charging your clients.

How can I get started?

Signup for a free trial account. Then in touch with our 24/7 online chat team. They'll convert your existing account to a reseller account. There is a small monthly fee of $30 USD and a flat rate will be applied to your account.

Reseller Settings

Once you've been setup as a reseller, you can adjust settings here. The settings are explained below.

Allow Public Signups

If enabled, anyone can register on your reseller dashboard page using the signup form. If disabled, you will have to add users manually.

Default Profit Margin

This is the default profit margin for messages and number purchases. This is set for new users.

Once users have signed up, you can adjust their settings here.

Free Trial Credit

You can choose how much free credit each new user receives. This credit is transferred from your account balance to theirs on signup.

White Label Domain

There are 2 options below for your reseller domain. Subdomain

By default, you can choose a subdomain of our whitelabel plaform e.g. In the example below, your clients will signup/login at You can choose any subdomain you like that isn't already taken.

Your Subdomain

Another option is to use your own domain name.

  1. Make sure you have a domain already e.g.
  2. choose a subdomain that you'd like to use e.g. and enter it here:
  1. Setup your DNS records. You'll need to ask your IT team to make the DNS setting changes. They'll need to create a CNAME record for the subdomain you choose e.g. 'dashboard' and point it at

Choose a navigation colour for your reseller dashboard.

This is how it will look on the reseller dashboard:

Dashboard Logo URL

You can choose a logo for your reseller dashboard. We recommend that you use a png with a 1:4 aspect ratio. Any image will be automatically resized.

The light version will show on the signup/registration page.

The dark version will show on the dashboard once the user has logged in.

Manage Users

Now that you've been through all the settings, your users can start signing up and using the platform.

You always need to login to our dashboard to manage your account. Your reseller clients will need to signup on your reseller dashboard (the URL can be found here) or you can manually add them here.

Once users have signed up, you can manage them here.

  • 'Edit' allows you to adjust the client details and the profit margin they're on.
  • 'Details' shows the currency and a few settings of the client.
  • 'Transfer Credit' allows you to transfer credit to their account.

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