Zoho CRM Webhooks

Updated 6 months ago

Integrate ClickSend SMS into Zoho CRM using Webhooks. This integration will allow you to automate a SMS to be sent from Zoho CRM using Workflow Rules and Webhooks.

  1. Add the webhook to your Workflow Rules. To do this, open Setup -> Automation -> workflow rules. Setup the conditions and click + ACTION to add the webhook
  1. Enter the webhook details


  • URL to notify is: https://api-mapper.clicksend.com/http/v2/send.php
  • Method: POST
  • Module: Contacts
  • URL Parameters. Add a field with:
    • Parameter name: to
    • Parameter type: Contacts
    • Parameter value: Mobile (or where you store the contact mobile number)
  • Customer Parameters. Add the following:

Parameter Name

Parameter Value


your ClickSend Username from here


your ClickSend API Key from here


The message you want to send.

  1. Save the webhook and you're good to go!

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