Sending a Concatenated SMS & User Data Header (UDH)

Updated 3 years ago

Sending a Concatenated SMS & User Data Header (UDH)


Concatenated SMS: In the cellular phone industry, mobile phones and their networks sometimes support concatenated short message service to overcome the limitation on the number of characters that can be sent in a single SMS text message transmission.

User Data Header (UDH) is a binary structure which may be present at the start of a short message in the Short Message Service in GSM. It does not contain any text, but it specifies how the message should be formatted and processed.

The Good News

ClickSend automatically handles concatonenated SMS for you. Simply supply a single long message and we'll automatically split it up into smaller parts for you. If the recipient networks supports it (which most do), they'll automatically stitch the parts back together to show a single long message on the recipients phone.

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