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With XCALLY Motion you can share a single SMS-box among several agents and use it in a way similar to a voice queue. XCALLY Motion offers a web client SMS specific for Customer Care needs, where the Agents share all information: what you need to do is just to configure both providers phone numbers and Motion accounts, and manage SMS exchange using XCALLY Motion, as well as for the other channels. In the following sections we will provide you a brief description on how to properly configure ClickSend account on XCALLY Motion SMS Channel.

  1. Signup for a ClickSend Account

In XCALLY Motion:

  1. Add a new SMS account to XCALLY Motion

Click on to add a new SMS account

Insert the requested values:

  • Name: the name of the SMS account
  • Key: here you can define a short name (5 char maximum) for the Account that will be shown on the Agents Tabs
  • Proxy or Motion Domain: by default your actual motion domain is inserted in this field
  • List: the default List where the new SMS contacts will be saved in the Contacts Manager, if it is not already there
  • Phone: the provider phone number
  • Type: choose ClickSend and enter your ClickSend credentials from the ClickSend dashboard here:
  • Description: insert here a description (optional)
  1. Click on Add SMS Account.
  2. Configure SMS Account settings

In the General section you can find:

  • The Sender string is any value you want automatically to use as sender's name
  • The Receive URL is the auto-generated API URL: this value must be copied and pasted in the SMS Provider Setup (steps below)
  • If you enable the Delivery Report option, the system will provide the string to copy and paste in the SMS Provider Setup for the specific action (steps below)

The Administrator can customize the notification of a new interaction in order to show to the Agent information about the source, the sender, the recipient queue and so on.

In ClickSend

  1. Configure inbound SMS settings

In order to receive incoming SMS message in your XCALLY Motion Account, you need to properly configure the SMS Inbound Rules in ClickSend SMS Settings:

The URL property must be from XCALLY Motion - SMS Account Receive URL
  1. Configure delivery reports

The URL property must be from XCALLY Motion - SMS Account (Delivery Report URL)

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