UK and EU Post Parameters

Updated 3 years ago

In the UK and for Europe we print letters on A4 paper, 80gsm thick.  For letters with up to 4 sheets of paper (so up to 8 sides) we fold them once and put them into C5 envelopes.  For letters with over 4 sheets, we will not fold them and they are put into C4 envelopes.

When sending letters, it is important to include clear address details which are printed on the envelope.

The to address has up to 6 lines, each with a 50 character limit:

- Name (Title, First Name and Last Name): 25 characters

- Address Line 1: 50 Characters

- Address Line 2: 50 Characters

- City/Town: 50 Characters

- Post Code: 50 Characters but usually this will be around 8 characters.

- Country: 50 Characters

In addition we also print a return/from address.  This can be up to 22 character per line and up to 4 lines, so like this:

- Return Address 1: 22 characters

- Return Address 2: 22 characters

- Return Address 3: 22 characters

- Return Address 4: 22 characters

Please note that we will send to the precise address that you enter.

If you enter too many characters onto one line, this can cause the letter to be delayed or to fail.

The Royal Mail Sorting Offices use scan addresses to direct the letters, so a clear address with details in the correct lines will help to ensure delivery and speed up the process.

We do not add return addresses to UK postcards

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