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Use Case: Send SMS via ClickSend when a new form entry is submitted from Weebly

What we want to achieve here is to send an SMS via ClickSend when a new form entry is submitted from Weebly. Once this is setup you can notify your team via SMS every time you get a new form submission in Weebly. Say goodbye to manual work.

Here’s how you can do it:


Step 1: Login to Automate.io

Login to your Automate.io account. And then click on ‘Create a Bot’ button.

Step 2: Linking Trigger App

  • Next, name your bot and select your Trigger App i.e. Weebly.
  • Once you click on the Authorize button you’ll be redirected to the Automate.io app on the Weebly marketplace.
  • Click on Add and select the website you want to connect with Automate.io.
  • Then click on Save to link your Weebly account.

Note: Please ensure you are already logged into your Weebly account before following the above steps.

Step 3: Set up your Trigger App

  • Now move to selecting your trigger event i.e. ‘Form Submitted’ here.
  • Then select the Form you want to connect.
  • Your trigger app setup is now complete.

Step 4: Linking Action App

  • Search and select your Action app i.e. ClickSend
  • Click on Authorize and enter your ClickSend Username and API key.
  • Then click on Validate and hit Save to link your ClickSend account.

Step 5: Set up your Action App

  • Select the action to be done i.e ‘Send an SMS to a Contact’ here.
  • Enter the phone number in the ‘To’ input field.
  • Next personalize your SMS message by using relevant fields from the Weebly form and compose your message.
  • You can optionally set up the ‘From’ and ‘Schedule’ fields.
  • Then click on Save to finish setting up your Action App.

Step 6: Test and Go Live

  • Turn on your bot.
  • Proceed to test your bot with sample or test data.
  • That’s all. Your bot will now run automatically when you get a form submission from Weebly and send an SMS via ClickSend.

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