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Set up SMS messaging in ConsignPro:

  1. If you haven’t already done so, setup your new ClickSend account here.
  2. Download the latest update and run this update on all computers (be sure the Version number changes to the new version shown)
  3. In your new ClickSend account, click “API Credentials” at the top.  You’ll need both the ID and KEY in the next step.
  4. In ConsignPro, go to Maintain Store, CustomizeCP, Store Settings (tab), Selling (tab).  Enter in the credentials on the right (ID & KEY).
  5. Select any checkboxes you’d like below those credentials.  These boxes are for automatic text messages as you use ConsignPro.   As you click each, you will see a “Sample” message.  These cannot be changed at this time.  If you’d like to send a promotion or a reminder to a group, you can use the Internet menu, above the Main Menu, and the “Send Text Message” options in that menu.  You have complete control over that message.
All new ClickSend accounts come with $1.00 or 100 free messages.  After that, you will have to replenish your ClickSend account with a credit card to continue sending text messages. 


Group texts can be sent to all of your consignor or customers or both.  This is done above the Main Menu, under Internet.  You must “validate” your phone numbers before you can send group texts.  This is also found on the Internet menu.  Validation separates cell numbers from land lines and reduces your costs of sending texts.  It also eliminates bounce-backs which can suspend your ClickSend account.  Once phone numbers have been validated (thru an outside service with subcontract to), you can send group texts.  

Also, the ClickSend terms of service (TOS) requires us to append the phrase “Reply ‘stop’ to opt-out” to all text messages sent by ConsignPro.  You do not need to add this yourself.

 EMAIL Setup

ConsignPro can use your new ClickSend account to send email.  This will greatly simplify the setup and ensure that all email is delivered.  To turn on this feature, follow the easy steps below:

  1. Follow all the steps above to setup your account and apply that info to ConsignPro.
  2. Click this link and enter your store email address. 
  3. Check your email and verify the account by clicking the supplied link.
  4. In ConsignPro, above the Main Menu, click “Internet/ Email CP Support”. 
  5. On the Post Office screen, check the “Use ClickSend account” checkbox.
  6. Try sending us a test note.  If it says “Mail Sent!”, you’re done!

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