SMS related to pay day loans/money lending

Updated 4 years ago

If you're planning on sending SMS messages related to pay day loans/money lending, we need these things from you:

  1. You need to sign up using your business email address. If you haven't ClickSend staff can verify your business email address.
  2. You must have a business website which describes your services.
  3. You need to purchase a dedicated number from us and use this to send. When sending the SMS choose the 'dedicated number' option. If you're sending within USA and need to send campaigns with over 500 SMS per day, you'll need a dedicated short code.
  4. You need to mention your company name in the SMS.
  5. You need to provide a way for your users to opt out. Follow this guide.

If these conditions aren't met we will cancel your messages and contact you.

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