How to create a multi-level auto-response campaign with SMS keywords

Updated 5 months ago

We’ve assisted a lot of our customers in setting up multi-level auto-response campaigns, it’s actually quite simple to do with SMS keywords so we thought we’d do a help article so you can do it yourself (but we’re always here if you need assistance).

When your customers SMS a certain keyword to you, they get an auto-response with more keyword choices. If they respond with one of these keyword choices, they get even more choices and so on.

Try not to make your keywords too generic as anyone outside of your campaign could potentially trigger them. So avoid keywords like ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘okay’ etc, make them unique to the campaign.

Also, bear in mind you need a dedicated virtual number or shortcode to use SMS keywords.

This what a multi-level auto-response campaign with SMS keywords looks like:

To set this up in your account:

1. Open the dashboard and click on your username in the top right-hand corner 'Messaging Settings', and then select 'Inbound Settings'

2. From here you will need to '+Add New Rule'

3. Set the 'Match For' as 'Message Starts With' and then enter you search term, for example 'beer'. 

4. Change the 'Action' to 'AUTO_REPLY'. You will then be able to add your reply in the body underneath. 

You can add multiple auto-replies for each keyword. 

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