How to Search Contact List in Microsoft Power Automate?

Updated 3 years ago

Searching a Contact List is easy. If you have so many list beginning in dates or names, this flow in Power Automate can help you search them.

Here are the few steps on how to search lists saved in ClickSend through Power Automate.

  1. Create a Flow and add a trigger. In Microsoft Power Automate, trigger is required as this will prompt the action in the Flow. On our sample below, we have selected 'Manual Trigger a Flow' as I want to do a manual trigger without the use of any connector.
  2. Add ‘Search Contact List’ action under ClickSend SMS Connector.
  3. Search Contact List action will then be added on the Flow and it will require you to put the name of your List.
    If you do not remember the whole name of your list, it is not a problem because we can search with the first word. For this example, I’ll look for all lists beginning in the word ‘Demo’ and then Save.
  4. On the top right corner of the Flow, click 'Test' then tick 'I'll perform the trigger action' and proceed on running the flow.
  5. When the trigger of the flow takes place, the action will execute. Let’s check on the results of Search by going to the list of Run History and clicking the most recent.
  6. Open Search Contact List and proceed to data. Then you would be able to see the payload of all results of List beginning in ‘Demo’
    Here’s sample of the full payload of Search we made above:
    "id": 712500,
    "name": "Demo List A",
    "contact": "YMHUUVZOBTXODG79",
    "type": "list",
    "contacts_count": 0
    "id": 712501,
    "name": "Demo List B",
    "contact": "KPR0WRAALPYBOMSX",
    "type": "list",
    "contacts_count": 21
    "id": 712502,
    "name": "Demo List C",
    "contact": "TRHA4WK97OIP1LPP",
    "type": "list",
    "contacts_count": 109

As you see, Power Automate has pulled all list beginning in word 'Demo' plus displaying their IDs and count of contacts inside.

That's it, you can now get details of your lists with Microsoft Power Automate.

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